Career Information Exchange for Students

Open Students was created to connect students from all over the United States in a way that allows all to have an interchange of experiences, questions, comments and concerns for future career choices.  Started by Jack Corver a former IT professor at the Art Institute, Jack realized that so many students had the same questions over and over regarding career training, salary and job demand.

Here at OpenStudents.Org we hope to allow anyone interested in researching what may be their top career choices to be able to find what they are looking for.  Our in depth analysis of schooling required, on the job training, salary expectancy, job demand and real life career potential will likely point a new student in the best direction for their personal likes and dislikes when it comes to pursuing a career.


If you feel that you can contribute to the knowledge located here, we would love for you to post up comments of your own that could possibly help a student in need of guidance. The Job market is constantly changing, distance learning is needed as well as licensing, certifications and more. Salaries will vary for the same career based on a students grade level, any past experience they may have already had in this career field, job demand in their immediate location, and the economy. These are all things that a student should be aware of when making a life long career choice. The more prepared we can be for our future, the better off we will be when problems arise or things dont happen as quickly as we want them to.

With so many students entering colleges, vocational and technical schools each year, it is vital that they choose a career path wisely. Open Students will provide the help they need from the comfort of a computer. It is our goal to help, and we hope we can accomplish that.