Six feelings you have to deal with when you start university

When you first start your university, you will experience various kinds of emotions. This is the case of every new student. You have to deal with these emotions positively to survive the four years at the University.



You will feel happy when you first start your university. It is a new adventure. You will meet many new friends. It’s something you have always been waiting for while you were in high school.



You will find everything different here. Your lifestyle will change drastically. Before, you had to take permission from your parents to go out with friends. But now, you are your boss. You will feel excited about your new independent life. You will go to new places and meet new people. Some people may be taking the same class as you; some may be staying in your dormitory. You will join various clubs and will meet new people there too.



You will get homesick after the excitement gets downs a bit. At first, you might be happy knowing that your parent is not there to nag you all the time or your sibling is not there to disturb you. But then you love your family, and you will feel homesick for a while.



Here you will have to do everything by yourself. There is no one to serve your food for you or clean your clothes. You have to clean up your room. So, at times you will feel lonely.



Initially, you will be stressed finding out the office room and your dormitory room. Then you will feel stressed completing assignments on time and preparing for the exams. Student life is full of stress.



When you score a good mark in an exam or win some competition, you will feel proud of yourself. There is no one to help you here, and you have done it all by yourself. This will boost your self-confidence.

All these emotions are very common among the new students who get into the university for the first time in their lives. You will overcome these feelings if you have some good friends around you.

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