a1Welcome to Open Students.

It is a blog about student life. When I first got into my university, the first day was horrific. I didn’t know anyone, couldn’t figure out where to go to get my ID, or find where my room was. Slowly, with time, things got better. I made new friends.  But I often thought about my first day. So, I decided to write a blog for students like me who needs help in various ways. There is a student information center and a university website as well where you can get valuable information. But getting information from a person who has experienced it all is something different and more useful.

This blog is full of useful resources for students. You will find lots of tips on various aspects of student life. I have a forum where you can tell about your problems and opinions with other visitors and with me as well. I do thorough research before writing an article. So, my articles provide authentic information which helps students in many ways. Hope you will enjoy reading this blog.