This site is a great platform for selling products to students. Here are the advertising options we offer.

Product Reviews

We write product reviews for students. If you have a product to sell that will benefit the students, the contact us. We write a product review only when we believe that the product will help the students. We can write about all ranges of products from technology to fashion.


If you have a quiz or contest to run which is directed towards students, we can host the competition for you. The age group of our audience is 16-25. So, the prizes you offer must be appropriate for this age group.

Sponsored or Guest Posts

We offer sponsored or guest posts that are relevant to the students. The information should be helpful to the students.


We provide banner ad options. These ads will be displayed at the sidebars and bottom of each page.

This site was formed to offer the students information that will help their lives easier at the university. You can only advertise products that will interest the students. The price of our ads varies according to the type of ad and for how long you want the ad to be visible on this site. Please contact us for learning more about our advertising opportunities.